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@starbucks today. #Bible study and protein bars after the #jog. So blessed by what God has given me.

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Time for a #jog in this #wonderful #weather. 🙋🌈🌿🍂⛪️

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Look here at the weather forecast on my phone and told me that there is no chance of rain today, a 0% chance. Yet I’m sitting here driving for work and it is raining. So what my app is telling me and what I’m seeing in front of me are two different things. No matter what the forecaster wants to tell you or your app wants to tell you it will not ever be 100% accurate. It might be 50% accurate if that. 

Me seeing that today reminds me of something that I’ve walked through. That I am currently walking through. 
The enemy will tell you until he’s blue in the face that there is a 0% chance that your life, your family, your friends, your job or anything that you love can be restored. The enemy is a liar and he is the author of confusion. 
The Lord wants you to have clarity to trust him and to have faith that he will restore everything that you care about, because he cares about it too. Trust isn’t easy and going through the walk is also not easy. There will be days that you will have 100% confidence in the Lord, and then there will be days where you will have 50% confidence in the Lord, and there will be days when you do not hear the Lord and your trust will be at 0%. 

While the enemy is whispering in your ear that you’re a failure, and that your life is a failure, God is here and he is restoring you as we speak. As you trust in the Lord you will begin to see the work that he is doing in your life no matter what the enemy says. 
Yes you may doubt, yes you may question. Even in the silence he is still there. Even in the pain, the tears and the hopelessness he is still there. Begin to look around at the bigger picture and see what the Lord is doing in your life. 
There is still a light, there is still a ray of hope because God is on your side and he is for you. No matter what the enemy says.

The more you push towards God, the more the enemy will try to ruin you. Ruin your faith, ruin your trust, ruin your hope and try to steal your joy. 
Keep pushing no matter how scared you are. No matter how tired you are. Because God is meeting you where you are. He is not forsaking you even when there is silence. Be diligent in reading and praying and trusting God even if it is a slow growth you are still moving forward. 
Push past where the enemy says the chance of your life being restored is 0%. The enemy is all smoke and mirrors.

God is telling you that if you put your trust in him that he will restore your life to 100%. 
Ignore what the world tells you and look at what God is telling you.

{{Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go. Joshua‬ ‭1‬:‭9‬}}

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